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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Can't get enough of earrings!

Hey, earrings are fun! You can never get enough of them!

Before getting mad about doing this beads, I can't help myself to keep on buying all those little pretty pieces of earrings. Now that i can do myself, wow, i have plenty to choose from.

And believe me, the whole process of creating one is soo theurapetic! Want to try for yourself? Give me a ring, I'd be happy to share my passion with beads.

Ok, here are some of my earrings collection, take a look!

On the left is Grace, a combination of green and yellow citrine with amber as accent. It is a fun little number to wear whe you are clubbing.

On the right is Ivanka, with orange citrine as the masterpiece and yellow citrine + cream fresh water pearls for accent. I really love this pair and still keep them at the studio.

Both Grace and Ivanka are priced at $ 45.

And here's Rachel, also my personal favorite and they are available at my studio. I love its red lively color which are made of glass, with yellow citrine, amber and cream fresh water pearls as accent. A steal at $ 40.

Next to Rachel is Alexa, a fresh arrangement for you to wear on any occasions with smart casual/cocktail dresscode. It is made of green citrine and glass, with amber, jade, and yellow citrine as the accent, priced at $ 45.

I made the blue number on the right, Fran, when i was looking for something to wear with jeans, something casual but pretty (and looks good! not just some sloppy beads arrangement i usually found out at earrings corner). It is made of blue citrine, some oriental beads, and glass + cream fresh water pearls as accent. It is for sale at $ 35.

Priscilla below is the choice when you are wearing something red casually, either going shopping and just having coffee on Saturday or Sunday afternoon to catch up with your girlfriends. It is made of glass with fresh water pearls as the accent, priced at $ 45.

Except Ivanka and Rachel, which are kept at my studio, the rest are available at Senteurs de Provence, #01-57B, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596.

If you dont live in Singapore, I can ship them to your address by courier service or i can also bring them with me if I happen to visit your town during one of those tiring business trips, this way there will be no charges for shipping cost!

for any inquiries, just give me a buzz or shoot me an email.


+65 81233898 (mobile)

+65 63482972 (studio)



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